I'm a 42yo online communications & IT consultant, and ex recording artist, from Melbourne, Australia.

After much searching, I finally met the right man. Then I got pregnant at 41 - baby boy was due 20 April 2010.

It was to be quite a journey. We discovered via ultrasound that our baby had some health problems, namely a hole in the heart, hypospadias and IUG growth issues.

Then I became very ill with pre-eclampsia, and was admitted to hospital at 34 weeks gestation.

Our baby Charles was delivered prematurely on 16th March 2010 weighing a tiny 1460g (3.5 pounds). He spent a month in hospital before coming home.

I went for a routine obstetrician appointment and ended up in hospital...

At 34 weeks I went for a routine obstetrician appointment.

My ob is a fairly calm person. Throughout my difficult pregnancy (baby's growth issues, problems with the heart, hypospadias) she has managed everything with aplomb.

Now, she took my blood pressure, which throughout my pregnancy had been consistently low, and reacted with mild shock. "What the..."

We took a break and went to look at the baby on the ultrasound machine. She checked my fluid levels and blood cord flow. I rested in the waiting room and had some water. Then we went back to check my blood pressure again.

Still extremely high.

My obstetrician thought for a bit. She then explained that I should go over the road to the hospital to have things checked further, and for monitoring.

I went as requested, phoning partner and mother to explain where I was and stopping to grab a magazine from the local newsagency. I was shown into a room. I didn't get changed and get into bed, as I figured I'd probably be there for an hour or two, maximum.

I didn't go home for two weeks.

Urine tests and blood pressure monitoring over the next week proved I was very ill with pre-eclampsia. My face and legs became swollen. My blood pressure shot up dangerously high, and drugs continually failed to keep it down adequately.

The only cure for pre-eclampsia is delivery of baby.


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